Welcome to the Play Area

personal work, studio experiments, and the inside of my brain

Holiday Bottles

Jammed out with the 3D crew at Giant Ant to put together some holiday spirit. I made the derpy snowman shot and took a big leap into realistic 3D snow.

Paper Clock

Assembling the Thomson Paper Clock with the Giant Ant 3D peeps. I made some floating numbers and spinning discs.

Lotuses in the Rain

Collaborated with Korean artist, Bon Lee, to create this picture of serenity. She did the models and textures, I did the design, lighting, animation, and comp. See our process here.

Scallion Pancake

Inspired by my time living in Taiwan eating fresh scallion pancakes at every opportunity

Stroller Dogs

If you didn't know most Taiwanese dogs travel by stroller, you do now. Here's a typical scene in Taiwan.

From Pork to Prosper

A scene I worked on as part of my mentorship with Giant Ant in 2019. A shot from my short film which I may or may not ever finish.

and a collection of animals with unconventional means of travel…