Hi! I’m Jane Guan.

Hi! I’m Jane Guan.


I’m a Design Consultant at InVision by day where I work with companies like Nike, Discover, and Deloitte to build processes and practices that scale their UX capabilities. By night, I’m a freelance illustrator and animator. I also throw people a lot through my side passion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

So what’s a Jane Day?

Back in my university days, I struggled with a lot of anxiety. I started taking “Jane Days” - days dedicated to enjoying my own company and doing the things I never made time for. I unplugged from everything and explored my city, sitting in coffee shops all day long, people-watching, and creating art.

I started recommending taking these self-indulgent days to my over-stressed friends and to my surprise, they'd message me and tell me about the Jane Day they just took. Over the last 5 years, this little idea has evolved into how I approach my life and animator. Today, I use Jane Days to fuel my creative passions and my transition from techie to artist. I’m currently open for commissions and collaborations. Read on to learn how we can work together!

My Commission Process

Before reaching out, you can learn about my commission process here.

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