Jane days

I'm a designer and art director living and working in London.

Okay, What is a Jane Day?

A little backstory: when I used to get stressed out during university, I would take a full day off as a "Jane Day" from time to time. These days were dedicated toward doing things I never made time for and solely enjoying my own company. It was a way to unplug from emails, messages, assignments, and my computer, and just spend time doing things I loved. I would explore parts of my city, sit in coffee shops all day and people-watch, and go try yoga at new studios.

I started recommending taking these self-indulgent days to my over-stressed friends and to my surprise, they'd message me and tell me about the Jane Day they just took. The absolute joy of doing things you never make time for is what this blog is all about. Here, I'll share the wonderful things I find in my adventures, the conversations I come across, and the things I learn. I hope you'll follow along and take a Jane Day with me. xx